Tips for Apartment Renters With Cats

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Apartment renters who own cats have to keep a few things in mind to keep their rental unit in shape.

As much as you may love your cat, they can cause some very specific concerns for apartment renters that can cause some serious worries! It’s not uncommon for someone to lose their security deposit due to damage caused by their cats, so apartment renters who own a fluffy friend tend to try to be as careful as they can. Let’s take a look at these easy tips to remember to keep your apartment free from any damages a cat may cause.

Stop Chewing

Sometimes cats just can’t help themselves and chew on everything they can get their mouths on. This includes tables, houseplants, and even some features of your apartment! The best solution is to try to make whatever chewing fixation your cat has unappealing. There are a few spray products out there specifically meant to curb bad chewing habits, but spraying any old citrus-scented cleaner is an easy way to utilize resources you already have in your home to stop chewing.

Dealing With Fur

If you live in a carpeted apartment, shedding from your cat can be an especially annoying problem. Vacuum all you can and you may realize that your cat’s excessive hair isn’t going anywhere. Try dampening a pair of rubber gloves and rubbing them along the carpet—this will pick it all up and make it stick to the gloves. Alternatively, you can use a rubber squeegee to get fur out of carpets.

No More Scratching

Lots of cats end up needing to scratch things and the easiest solution is to simply invest in a scratching post. Cats use scratching as a means of keeping their claws at the right length or just marking their territory. If you don’t buy a scratching post, your cat could ruin some of your furniture!

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