Winter Apartment Living: Essential Tips for Comfort

apartments of wildewood winter apartment living

Improve your winter apartment living with the use convenient boot trays.

We know that winter can bring a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy winter sports like skiing and treats like hot chocolate. However, winter’s downside includes cold drafts, low humidity, and the snow and salt that can get tracked into your apartment. While bringing out the heavy sweaters and cozy blankets can help you make it through the winter comfortably, did you know there are even more things you can do to make your apartment home comfortable this season? At the Apartments of Wildewood, you can follow these tips for winter apartment living. These pro tips can help you keep your family warm, cozy, and stress-free this winter. 

Invest in Draft Guards

Draft guards are built to close the gap between doors and the floor. These gaps are where cold drafts of air can come into your home. You can find draft guards of various designs, styles, and prices and attach them to the bottom of your doors for easy insulation

Cover Walls and Floors

Insulation can also be improved with wall and floor coverings. You can improve your winter apartment living by bringing out or investing in new floor rugs. Rugs help insulate the warmth in your home, protect your feet from chilly floors, and dampen sound. Wall coverings, including pictures, mirrors, tapestries, and bookshelves, all help act as insulators. 

Break Out the Winter Bedding

Upgrading your bedding is one way to improve your winter apartment living. Besides adding a heavy quilt to your bed, you may consider adding a mattress pad, flannel sheets (fitted and top sheets), and a heavier comforter. You may also select some warm, cozy slippers for the winter and have them ready to slip into by your bed each morning. 

Use a Boot Tray Liner

During the winter, we are likely to experience a variety of wet outdoor conditions. After going outside for any reason, you and your household may find that snow, de-icing salt, mud, or water may enter your apartment through your shoes. You can prevent dirty floors or carpets by investing in a boot tray with a liner. These are placed right by your front door so you can remove your shoes immediately once coming inside. This affordable tray keeps the mess in one place and can be easily cleaned at the end of the season. 

Add Some Humidity 

If you wake up during winter and find that your throat is dry or scratchy, and your skin feels equally dry and patchy, you may need to add some humidity to your home. The low humidity of winter means that the air holds less moisture. You can use a portable humidifier to increase your apartment’s moisture levels. Increasing the humidity can benefit your skin, throat, and overall health. 

Have an Emergency Kit Handy

It never hurts to be prepared, and just as you should prepare for summer storms, you may also make some plans for strong winter weather. When preparing for winter apartment living, create an emergency kit you and your family can use if you lose power. This kit may include: 

  • A flashlight
  • Multiple AA batteries
  • A portable AM radio 
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Basic first-aid supplies 
  • Possible games or activities to keep children occupied 

You can store these items in a simple backpack and feel peace of mind knowing they are there if you need them. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy the rest of winter in your Apartments of Wildewood home.

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