Fun Amenities for your St. Mary’s Apartment Rental

rental amenitiesDo you like to spend time outside during the spring and summer? Most people do. The warm months in Maryland offer a pleasant time to be able to get out and enjoy the weather. Having fun amenities for your St. Mary’s apartment rentals allows you to spend time outside with friends and family without worrying about where you’re going or what you’re doing. You can spend time enjoying the great outdoors right in your own neighborhood with amenities and features that come with your apartment rental.

  • Pool – What better way to enjoy summer than taking a dip in a cool pool? Summer can get pretty hot in Maryland sometimes, and adding some cool water to the equation can make it much better. A sparkling pool will give your kids something to do to keep them busy, and you’ll be able to enjoy some relaxation time. Plus, swimming is great exercise. Whether you’re doing laps or playing, you’re sure to burn calories in a fun way.
  • Walking paths – Walking is also excellent exercise; plus, you’ll get a chance to see some Maryland summer wildlife along the walking paths. Enjoying the weather while getting some exercise will make you feel extra productive and can be a great way to spend time with family or even meet some of your neighbors. Take yourself for a walk to get in touch with nature as well as those closest to you.
  • Picnic pavilions – Nothing says summer like a cookout. Picnic pavilions with barbecue grills mean good food in nice weather. Grilled food is shown to be healthier than just about any other form of cooking. During the summer, you can grill up some chicken to throw in a salad or even do steaks for a cost-effective alternative to going out. Invite family or neighbors to make it a great social event.
  • Clubhouse – Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the sun in the summer and enjoy the air conditioning. Residents can rent out the clubhouse for special event and now even pool parties (See Leasing office for details). Hosting a big dinner or party can be a lot easier if you’ve got a big space to do it in. Rent the clubhouse well in advance to make sure that you get the date that you want and get the most out of your rental.

Take control of your summer by renting a great place in St. Mary’s County. There’s lots to do in your neighborhood as well as out of it! Check out all that St. Mary’s County has to offer here and then start packing – you won’t want to pass it up!

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