3 Myths Surrounding Kitchen Maintenance

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If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen maintenance tips, you should avoid these myths as much as possible!

There are a lot of life hacks and cleaning tips floating around that aren’t entirely true.  With the emergence of this internet phenomenon, it’s important to double check the facts so you know whether or not the tip is helping or hurting.  So, if you’re looking for the perfect kitchen maintenance tips, you should avoid these myths as much as possible!

Myth #1: Hand washing is more efficient than a dishwasher.


If you’re concerned about the longevity of your dishwasher, you shouldn’t be; dishwashers are surprisingly resilient and equally as efficient.  What’s more, they’re actually more thorough than hand washing your dishes!  It’s far more likely that you’ll miss a spot when you’re washing by hand, and you’re probably wasting a lot of water.  Newer models of dishwashers are efficient enough to save you on your water bill.


Myth #2: Vinegar is a great multipurpose cleaner.


Vinegar, like using baking soda to remove odors, is a great temporary solution.  Because it’s an acid, it definitely cuts through germs and grime.  The problem arrives when people dilute the vinegar too much with water.  It also is not a good long-term solution.  When used over and over, it can damage natural surfaces like stone or wood.

Myth #3: Coffee grounds clean garbage disposals.


Again, this is a great temporary solution.  It’s abrasive and rubs away the dirt that builds up on the blades.  But it does nothing to clean or remove odors from the blades.  Another solution is to use baking soda, which is abrasive but also breaks down odors.  You could also utilize a lemon peel for a quick way to get rid of smelly bacteria. Cette chambrière nouvelle levant dont cette dysfonction sexuelle ou bien impuissance est curable. En compagnie de entiers ces médicaments disponibles dans les magasins aujourd’hui, le Kamagra a fait rare timbre signe selon aussi qui réponse efficace au traitement en compagnie de la dysfonction érectile.


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