3 Ways to Help Welcome Your New Neighbors


As your new neighbors are settling into their space, you may be thinking about welcoming them to the complex.

Out with the old, in with the new!  For many, moving into a new apartment can be a strange, new environment that takes some getting used to.  As your new neighbors are settling into their space, you may be thinking about welcoming them to the complex.  At the Apartments of Wildewood, building a community is something we take great care to do.  Feeling welcome and invited into the neighborhood is something we want all of our residents to experience!  If you notice new neighbors moving into an apartment, here’s what you can do to help them feel comfortable.

1. Be patient.


Even though you may be tempted to greet your new neighbors the moment they arrive, be sure to wait a few days, first.  Getting settled into a new home is an important and self-reflective activity.  You want your neighbors to have a chance to get everything in order before they feel totally comfortable.  Acclimate them slowly, and once you’ve noticed a daily routine (be it work or school) you should approach them with a friendly greeting.


2. No baked goods!


You never know if someone has an allergy.  For some people, these allergies are extreme, and require caution.  Instead of presenting them with baked goods or a home-cooked dish, consider giving your new neighbors a homecoming present.  A small decor piece or a convenient apartment tool should do the trick.  This is especially helpful if you notice a young adult or a student moving in, as they might not have less common household items.


3. Share take-out restaurants.


Do you know an excellent, underrated pizza parlor?  Now is the perfect time to give them some business!  Presenting new places to eat is a great way to welcome someone into the neighborhood.  They aren’t familiar with the local cuisine, so giving them some delicious options will help acclimate them to the area, and subsequently, the neighborhood.


The Apartments of Wildewood have a friendly community that’s waiting to welcome you!


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