4 Things to Do When Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

rainy day

Spring is bringing quite a lot of rain storms recently, so having rainy day activities stored away is a great idea.

Does heavy rain have you cooped up in your apartment on the weekends?  Spring is bringing quite a lot of rain storms recently, so having rainy day activities stored away is a great idea.  With children especially, keeping them entertained requires ingenuity and creative thinking.  So, before the showers bring us May flowers, let’s go over a few great ideas you can bring out when the sun is hiding.

Indoor Camping


Kids love camping, but camping indoors adds an extra twist of creativity to the situation.  Even though it’s raining, kids will be able to enjoy the thrills of tent camping, sleeping in sleeping bags, and staying up late with marshmallows and lanterns.  Parents can help create the illusion of camping by providing snacks like trail mix and granola.


Card Games


These days, your kids are probably playing electronic games on their tablets or phones.  This can be fun, but it’s even better to share your favorite games with them.  Card games are a great way to encourage kids to think critically and strategically.  Even something simple like Rummy can get them thinking, and will connect your family through old school gaming.


Build a Fort


You probably remember this being an incredibly entertaining part of being a kid.  Fort building is still a fun activity that encourages kids to think about structure and space.  Not only does it help their minds to grow, but it also gives them a place to call their own, which kids love.




Nothing says comfort like a good, warm chocolate chip cookie.  Cooking or baking makes the apartment smell great, and kids can easily help their parents with preparation.  There’s a tasty reward at the end, and who knows–by the time you’re done, the rain may have ceased! Vjmetalas.lt – metalo gaminiai bei apdirbimas ir konstrukcijos.


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