How to Combat Pollen in Your Maryland Apartment

Feeling the effects of pollen in your Maryland apartment? To relieve your nasal decongestion and other symptoms, follow our tips.

Last week, Maryland recorded its highest pollen count of all time. Are you feeling the effects in your Maryland apartment?

Are you suffering from a runny nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, or sinus pressure? If you live in Maryland, that means that your body is likely responding to seasonal allergies. While more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year, people in Maryland may be suffering more than they have in years past. Why is this?

The caring staff at The Apartments of Wildewood wants to help you breathe easier this spring, that’s why we’re here to educate you on how to combat pollen in your Maryland apartment to maximize relief.

The Record High Pollen Count in Maryland

Last week, Maryland recorded its highest pollen count of all time. According to David Kerxton, Maryland’s only certified pollen counter, “I’ve been doing pollen counting for 20 years and I’ve never seen numbers this high before.” Kerxton continued, “1,000 is in the very high range. To see numbers over 5,000 is just ridiculously high.”

Tips to Minimize Pollen in Your Maryland Apartment

If you are plagued by seasonal allergies, you are likely aware that seeking shelter indoors is not enough to eliminate your symptoms. Pollen can hitch a ride into your apartment on your shoes, clothing, pets, or personal belongings. You can minimize the allergens in your Maryland apartment in the following ways:

  • Avoid keeping your windows and doors open
  • Take off your shoes as soon as you walk in the door to prevent tracking pollen through your apartment
  • Change your clothes and take a shower immediately when you get home
  • Wash your hands more frequently
  • Clean your apartment more frequently
  • Keep your pets clean and bathed after they play outdoors
  • Maintain an indoor temperature between 60 and 70 degrees
  • Monitor the allergy forecast in your area using
  • Use a dehumidifier in your apartment to reduce moisture, eliminate dust mites, clean the air, and halt any potential mold growth that could trigger pollen-like allergy symptoms
  • Still need relief? Keep your apartment stocked with antihistamines and nasal sprays

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