How to Make Your Apartment More Eco-Friendly


Making for a more eco-friendly apartment isn’t always easy, but with the right redecorating tips in mind, you can go green with your apartment.

Looking to get a bit more into the eco-friendly lifestyle? You’d be shocked at how little decisions can stack up and contribute towards going green. In fact, even the way you decorate your apartment can be a huge part in keeping your carbon footprint as small as can be. Going green is an admirable goal, but many of us need some guidance to get us there. Give these apartment redecorating tips a shot in your endeavor to make the world a better place by being more eco-friendly!

Cut Down on Waste

Getting rid of old items you don’t want is certainly a freeing experience that is an essential part of keeping your apartment clean. That said, you don’t have to throw everything out. Remember that what may be unappealing to you could have use to friends, family members, or anyone else who may want what you don’t. Part of going green is recycling what you don’t need so try to find a second life for anything that is unwanted.

Go to Thrift Stores

Just like you may not want everything in your apartment, you’re going to find plenty of items that are getting a second life at a thrift store. By using items that already exist and playing into the used market, rather than buying something new, you’re helping reduce the amount of waste in the world and saving yourself some money at the same time.

Incorporate Plants

A plant or two is good for the environment as well as your personal health! They can breathe in some of that carbon dioxide in the air and convert it to oxygen, lending to an overall sense of freshness in your apartment. There are tons of varieties of plants out there that thrive indoors, so you can get creative and decorate each room of your apartment with the right kinds of plants for you.

Be Intentional

Finally, you always want to be intentional with your design decisions. Never act on impulse and purchase something that is just going to end up getting trashed later on. Being selective in terms of materials can also help you be more enviro-friendly, as you want to make sure you’re purchasing items that are free of chemicals and recyclable when possible.

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