How to Make Your March Madness Viewing Party a Slam Dunk

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Are you a basketball fan?Your apartment is the perfect place for a March Madness viewing party!

Have you got party plans this March? It is an exciting month for many reasons. Not only are the First Day of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day celebrated this month, but the annual NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is upon us! Are you looking to entertain your friends and family and host a March Madness viewing party in your apartment this year? The Apartments of Wildewood is here with some tips to help you create the perfect March Madness atmosphere!

What is March Madness?

March Madness refers to the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) single-elimination basketball tournaments that take place throughout March and April. The basketball games in this tournament are known to be bursting with high energy, talent, and down-to-the-last-second competitive play. A total of 68 teams qualify to participate in the tournament and several people place bets predicting the perfect bracket, final four teams, and ultimate winner. See details about the 2016 NCAA Basketball Bracket Games here.

March Madness Viewing Party Tips

Since several people place bets on the tournament, it is a very exciting and social athletic event. Commonly, people throw viewing parties to watch the tournament takeoff and carry on from there. You can throw the perfect viewing party in your apartment with these tips:

  • Dress Code: JERSEYS. Encourage the people you invite to wear a jersey showing who they are rooting for!
  • Detailed Invites: When you are sending out invites (social media makes this super easy), make sure they include details about the dress code we mentioned and most importantly, a guideline and how-to on the bracket pool rules.
  • Decorate: Liven your apartment up with some colorful streamers or balloons in the colors of your favorite team. Decorations with basketball decals are ideal.
  • Seating and Entertainment: Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating (extra chairs) with easy visual access to a television that will be showcasing the games.
  • Party Food: If you want to make your party a “slam dunk,” you’ve got to include some amazing dips for your guests to dunk chips or veggies into! Consider a buffalo chicken, artichoke and spinach, or creamy crab dip. Finger foods are also essential (pigs in a blanket, chicken fingers and wings are great choices).

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