Inspiring Ways You Can Decorate Your Child’s Room

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A child’s bedroom is where they’ll end up feeling safest as they grow. The space should be as welcoming as it is well-decorated.

It’s difficult to think from a child’s perspective.  Children are curious, inquisitive and insatiable, and their bedroom has to reflect that nature.  After all, a child’s bedroom is where they’ll end up feeling safest as they grow.  The space should be as welcoming as it is well-decorated.  A cluttered, disorganized mess of a room is only going to add stress to a child’s day, and a poorly decorated one is going to limit a child’s creativity.  Read on for some interesting decoration tips.


Just about anything can be glow-in-the-dark when you have the right tools.  Many art stores carry paint that glows when the lights are switched off, which you can use to paint anything you want.  Furniture, trinkets, blocks–they’re all open for your child’s creative mind to roam free.  Not only is the creation of this DIY project interesting for them, but children will love the sensory attraction that comes from glow-in-the-dark objects.

Wall Art

On many online stores, such as Etsy, you can find affordable wall decals that act as stickers.  They don’t damage the walls, so they’re perfect for apartment living!  Just about any design is available online, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are plenty of vendors who are willing to create custom art for you.  Match your child’s interests; do they love marine life?  Decorate the walls with dolphin decals and whale stickers to immerse them in that environment.

Multiple Light Sources

Decorative lighting is a plus in any situation, but for kids, it can be intriguing to have many different sources of light.  Fairy lights (Christmas lights) can be draped over window; LEDs don’t get hot, so they can act as a perfectly safe night light.  Shop with your child to find decorative lamp shades, interesting bases, and use your imagination for what could possibly be used as a light source!  It keeps the space dynamic, and allows for the mood to change in an instant (from playtime to nap time!) Mediniai langai –

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