How to Throw a New Year’s Eve party in Your Apartment

new year's eve party in apartment

If it’s decided you’ll be hosting the annual party at your apartment, it may seem stressful to imagine having so many guests.

The holidays are upon us!  It’s time to start thinking about what kind of plans you’ll be making for New Year’s Eve.  If it’s decided you’ll be hosting the annual party at your apartment, it may seem stressful to imagine having so many guests.  There is a lot about apartment living that could cause you to be hesitant about hosting such a party.  To keep you from worrying, here are a few quick tips to help you prepare for hosting a New Year’s Eve party at your apartment.

Make Space


During this party, the most unused room will probably be your bedroom, which is a private space.  To make the most room in your apartment, move a few large pieces of furniture into the bedroom, such as coffee tables or end tables.  If you won’t be using the furniture, it’s a good idea to move it.  Otherwise, try rearranging the room.  Moving the couch from the middle of the room to the wall, for example, is a great idea to help open up the space.


Hang Coats and Purses


A temporary coat hanger is a great idea for keeping these bulky items out of the way.  Instead of piling everything on your bed, which makes things difficult to find, hangers can easily separate and organize these items.  It’ll keep your guests happy, and will probably make cleanup easier.  You can also assure guests of the safety of their personal belongings by stowing away these items in the bedroom.


Alert Neighbors


Not everyone is quite so festive during the holidays, and they may prefer a quiet night in.  You should let your neighbors know anytime you may be having a party, but New Year’s is a particularly important time to let them know.  After all, it’s traditional to make a lot of noise when the ball drops.  Don’t cause unnecessary surprise when the clock strikes midnight!


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