3 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment With Minimalism in Mind


Minimalism is all the rage right now. You can even apply it to how you decorate your apartment.

Trends come and go but one that has lately gained the spotlight is minimalism. Clothing without logos, keeping what you carry in your bag to the basics, or even just how you decorate your apartment can all be elements in maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. Some believe that pursuing minimalism allows them to focus on what’s important in life, and while it certainly isn’t right for everyone, there does seem to be some merit in trying to cut down on excessive materialism. Below, we take a look at some basic ways to decorate your apartment while adhering to minimalism.

Get Minimal

If a space feels cluttered, there’s really only one solution: cut down on what you own. This can be difficult considering the sentimental attachments we tend to develop towards our stuff, but by doing so, you can breathe some fresh air into your apartment. For those of us who dwell in smaller spaces, there is an obvious benefit in reducing what you own. However, there’s value in cutting back for all of us, as it’s all too easy to accumulate far too many possessions in the era of online shopping. Donating or selling items is the best way to cut down on clutter.


Instead of buying a new piece of furniture, consider what you can do with what you already have. Sometimes, all it takes is to clean something up, sand it down, and give it a new paint job to make it feel new. You’ll feel much better knowing that you’re using something you already have and that you didn’t end up contributing to the landfill. Using quirky decorating ideas, like putting flowers in mason jars, is another way of avoiding the culture of consumerism while still having an apartment that you love coming home to.

Try Thrifting

Some people are of the opinion that you must spend a lot of money to receive a quality product, but there are plenty of thrift stores out there stocked with affordable clothes or furniture. This can cut down on the overall amount of waste in the world but shopping at thrift stores can also make you a bit more mindful about what you really need. Yard sales and flea markets are also good places to check.

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