4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Fresh


It’s time to make your apartment feel fresh again with these simple tricks.

Many of us are taking advantage of the warmer weather we’ve been having by cracking open a window and doing some deep apartment cleaning. While you might be yearning for a fresh apartment, it’s not always that easy with budget limitations in place. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks in mind as well as a positive attitude, you can make your apartment feel like a whole new home.

1. Utilizing Scents

Adding some scents into your home is a powerful-but-easy way of reinvigorating a space. In some rentals, candles aren’t actually allowed as they are a fire hazard: but worry not, as there are natural alternatives! Combining a diffuser with water and some essential, citrus-smelling oils is a great way to make your home smell better. If you want to freshen up your kitchen, try adding some lemons in a bowl as both a decorative element and a scent improver.

2. Take Advantage of Plants

If you want to improve the air quality of your home, plants are an awesome way to do so. Take a look into three kinds of plants: aloe, pothos, and ficus, which are all known for their ability to clean up your air while also being pretty easy to take care of. If you have window sills available, adorning them with small plants can spruce up a living space.

3. Addressing Bare Walls

Empty walls can make a home feel unwelcoming. Taking a trip to the thrift store can be a fantastic way to stock up on some inexpensive art or mirrors that are easy to fix up and make your apartment look better. If anything has a frame, a bit of paint will make it pop and help your walls feel lively. Enlarging a favorite photo or painting your own art are also endearing ways to improve your living space.

4. Simple Accents

There are a few ways to instantly makeover a space. For couches and beds, throw down some throw pillows, blankets, or duvet covers to make it feel more homey. Outdoor rugs are also very inexpensive and can still be used inside to liven a space up.

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