Ready to Decorate your Apartment for Spring?

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Ready to spruce up your apartment for spring?

Spring is here and the time has come to spruce up your apartment with some fresh flair. Some of you may only want to change the accents in your home, while others may want to do a complete redecoration. The principles of design that all of you may need are much the same though, so let’s check out some ways that you might want to change up your apartment decorations for spring!

Cool Color Schemes

Spring is all about freshness and renewal. So, the colors you choose to decorate or paint your home with should reflect that.  Pastels are often a lovely accent color for spring when selecting table settings, pillows, or floor rugs. Any of these things can be switched out when the next season rolls around, so feel free to go bold with your choices. Items that do not get much replacement like couches, coffee tables, or larger pieces of furniture should probably keep to a more natural color palette so that they can blend in with anything. Your accent items, on the other hand, can get as wild as you please. So, don’t be afraid to really go for it.

Think Light

Lighting is important in any room design, no matter the season. Now, if you really want to evoke a feeling of freshness, then you need to utilize the power of natural light. Choose lighter curtains or remove them altogether so that you can let the right light in. For entertaining at night, you may choose to use a lampshade that is lighter in color. Think “soft” when you’re out shopping. Save the sharp colors and shapes for winter and summer. Spring is the time for gentle light. Thankfully, there is plenty of it outside for you to use. Throw open those curtains and enjoy the sunshine!

Need an apartment to decorate for spring?

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