5 Apartment Essentials to Never Forget on Move In Day


Make sure these five apartment essentials are part of your move in plan.

When you move into a new apartment, there are always going to be some essentials you need to bring with you. Some of these are pretty obvious. You’re going to need items like towels, plates, cups, bedding, and more. Other necessities aren’t always obvious though, and it can be quite stressful to finish unpacking only to realize that you forgot something you absolutely need. Take some of the stress out of moving day by remembering these five apartment essentials that make getting settled in a breeze.

1. Bathroom Essentials

If you’re concerned with your personal hygiene, all of your towels, soaps, shampoos, and other bathroom items are going to be an obvious priority. Not every bathroom item is going to be that apparent though. You may end up needing a soap dispenser or soap dish depending on what your apartment bathroom looks like. The layout of your shower or bathtub will also determine whether you’ll need something like a shower caddy or if there’s plenty of room for all of your personal hygiene supplies.

2. Storage Options

Having enough storage is an important part of any home. Over door storage options can allow you to get jackets and raincoats out of the way when not in use and under bed containers allow you to keep everything out of sight and out of mind when not in use. 

3. Enough Lighting

Your apartment may come with plenty of overhead lighting built-in, but some people find solely relying on those lights to be harsh and not always ideal. You may want to bring a few lamps as well to act as accent lighting, allowing you to keep everything illuminated without giving you a headache.

4. Baskets and Containers

Tucking away all of your little knick knacks and items like TV remotes can be hard, especially when you’re moving into a new space. Keep everything together with a couple of baskets, large bowls, or by tying cables together.

5. Cleaning Supplies

On moving day, you’re going to expect that your apartment is going to be clean. Messes can come at you quick though and within a few days in your new home, you may need to do some basic cleaning. Bringing an all purpose cleaner, some dish soap, a few sponges, extra rags, and trash bags can help guarantee you keep your new apartment fresh and clean

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