5 Common Moving Mistakes That You Should Avoid


If you’re moving to a new apartment or townhome, it’s important that you avoid these missteps.

Moving is an incredibly exciting, yet stressful, time. Getting everything in the right space takes time, and for many of us, the moving process really can take months before you feel fully settled in. If you’re moving into a new apartment or townhouse, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you’re not forgetting any of the major steps to take. However, today we want to look at some of the mistakes that you ought to avoid, as well. Below are five common moving mistakes that you should avoid when moving into a new townhouse or apartment.

1. Damaged Goods

If you’re working with a professional mover, it’s important that you take note of the condition of everything before you move. Many movers have a limited timeframe in which you can report damage after the fact, so it’s good that you inspect all of your items immediately after a move. If you’re moving on your own, make sure you’re properly protecting all of your possessions by boxing or wrapping them safely.

2. Forgetting the Setup

Do you have a fairly complicated computer or home theater setup? Take a picture before you disconnect everything. If you’re not a big techie and you end up moving, it can be easy to forget which cables go where and what does what. You can also tape any cords to the devices they go with which makes for smooth transitions.

3. Limited Truck Space

Most folks who move end up needing to rent some kind of moving truck. While many of these companies have outlines for how much stuff you have vs. how big of a truck you should get, it’s still a good idea to do some research yourself. Creating an inventory and list of everything you have can help you get everything packed into that truck easier.

4. Limited Floor Space

Getting to your new apartment or townhouse and realizing that you’ve brought too much with you is never fun. Make sure you’re keeping what you take with you to the necessities and are donating, storing, or trashing anything that you really don’t have room for in your new place.

5. Burying the Necessities

When you move, you may end up tossing a lot of stuff into the bottom of a box where it will be forgotten about for the next month or so. That’s perfectly fine, but all of the necessities like hygiene items, your phone and all the cables, and your computer should be accessible, as most people use these items every day.

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