Essential Items You Need to Stock Up in Your Apartment on Move-in Day

Essential Items You Need to Stock Up in Your Apartment on Move-in Day

By making sure that you’ve got a few items on hand ready for you on move-in day, you will be able to get settled quick.

Once you have signed a lease or placed a deposit on your future apartment at the Apartments of Wildewood, you will want to be as prepared as possible for move-in day. Whether you are ending your current lease at a different complex or preparing to move into your very first apartment townhouse with us, we have got a couple of tips that could help you out. By making sure that you’ve got a few items on hand ready for you on move-in day, you will be able to get nestled and comfortable into your new apartment quicker. Read on to learn what essential items you’ll need for move-in day!

The Essential Items

The week before you’re able to move into your new townhouse apartment, you will want to purchase a few essential items that could help make your move-in day go a bit smoother. You will want to purchase some toilet paper, trash bags, water bottles, paper towels, canned foods, tissues, cooking pans, and utensils. It’s a long list of seemingly random items, but by having all of these essentials ready to go, you will not end up rushing around going to the store for any last-minute necessities. This will also allow you to cook up a canned meal if required.

Comforting Apartment Items

You will want to feel as comfortable as possible inside your apartment, so comfort items are definitely required. Imagine the Apartments of Wildewood is your very first apartment living experience. In that case, you’ll want to have bought a mattress with a new bed frame, fluffy pillows, sheets, and blankets for your new bedroom. It is also advised for you to stock up your new apartment with shower curtains, soap, plungers, soft towels, bathmats, and toiletries. A little bit of comfort will take you a long way!

Kitchen Supplies

Make sure you’ve got all of the common kitchen goods readily available. That way, your very first meal in your new apartment at Wildwood will be even more enjoyable. Invest in a few ceramic bowls, plates, water glasses, cooking knives, utensils, cutting boards, dish soap, pots, and paper towels. Making a trip to a local store is an excellent option if you don’t have any furniture readily available for you for move-in day.

COVID Cleaning Supplies

Make sure to bring a few cleaning supplies to help maintain your apartment’s cleanliness. In the age of COVID, this is especially important. All-purpose cleaners, brooms, laundry detergents, and microfiber cloths can help keep your townhouse apartment clean.

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