Everything You Should Know About Cleaning an Apartment When Moving


When moving in or out of an apartment, there are a few cleaning tasks you may want to take care of.

There is quite a bit that goes into the moving process, whether you’re moving into a brand new apartment or leaving an old home behind. An essential part of that process: making sure everything is clean. There’s an expectation when moving into a new apartment that everything is going to be cleaned for you, but there are still some task that you may want to take care of. Moving out presents its own difficulties that you’re going to need to work through. Here are some tips for cleaning when moving in our out of an apartment.

Moving In

It’s likely that the previous tenants in your apartment unit cleaned everything beforehand or at least that your leasing agency or landlord did so. That said, you may still want to do some basic cleanliness tasks when moving in. Something as simple as keeping all of your boxes organized once you get them in the door can help quite a bit, but it’s also good to wipe down hard surfaces and vacuum carpets as well. Take a few minutes to check the refrigerator and freezer as well to see if either of those need some additional cleaning. 

Moving Out

Far more important than cleaning when moving in is doing so when moving out. This is essential in securing your security deposit but it’s also just the right thing to do. New tenants are going to take your apartment over so you need to follow a cleaning checklist. Be sure to clean carpets, remove any flooring stains you can, remove scuffs from hardwood floors, remove trash and any other junk that can’t be left behind, and make sure you do a complete walk through of the apartment before saying goodbye forever. While there are dozens of benefits of renting an apartment, you must remember that it’s a temporary dwelling and treat it as such. Always avoid doing any permanent damage and do everything you can to keep it clean while you’re living there and make sure it’s spotless when you move out. 

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