How to Move Apartments During a Pandemic

How to Move Apartments During a Pandemic with the Apartments of Wildewood

You can enjoy an apartment move if you do it the right way, by putting safety and logistics first.

Winter is now here, and as the weather gets colder, you’re wearing all of your warm clothes, staying inside more, huddled up inside your apartment, and drinking hot beverages. However, if you are thinking of moving into a brand new apartment during the next couple of months, you will have to say goodbye to the coziness and warmth for a bit, as a winter apartment move can be a challenge. This is especially true due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, it is not all a chilly nightmare. You can definitely enjoy a winter apartment move if you do it the right way, by putting safety and logistics first. We have compiled another list of the most important things to consider while moving during a winter pandemic.

Do Not Do It Alone

It is no secret moving during the winter adds various layers of stress and preparation to the entire process, especially compared to the summer. To make things as simple as possible for you, consider hiring a moving company or asking your neighbors and friends for help. If you want to hire a moving company, there are plenty today that are tailored to your needs. Your apartment neighbors or friends would also be more than willing to give you a hand if you asked too.

Pandemic Precautions

Moving during the winter comes with its challenges, but you will have to go the extra mile for total efficiency and safety when you have to do it all during a pandemic. Although the moving firm you have hired will take the required measures set in place, you should do your part too. First, if somebody in your family or family members has COVID-19 symptoms, let your movers know. Also, try to provide multiple hygiene products for everyone involved. Make sure to clean your items properly, do not use recycled or free boxes, and plan each detail of the move like a professional. It is not impossible to move during these unprecedented times, but you have to follow all the standard and state rules, like proper sanitization, mask-wearing, and social distancing.

Clear Off Your Sidewalks and Driveways

Carrying heavy items is already dangerous during the winter due to icy streets and sidewalks. If you want to move out safely during the winter, make sure your major walkways are clean. You could use salt or a snowplow to make them moving-ready.

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