Moving Without the Hassle

movingMost people dread all of the work that comes with moving. You have to pack up boxes, make sure everything is labeled, go through old stuff; the list is practically endless. Figuring out the least painful way to move will make moving into your new apartment a much more enjoyable experience. It doesn’t have to be complicated or overly time consuming. It’s mostly a matter of planning ahead. We’ve given you moving tips in the past, but we’ve compiled a few more to help you with your moving checklist. The more tips you use and the more comprehensive the checklist, the easier your move is guaranteed to be.

  • Wrap things up in other things – Rather than paying the extra money for bubble wrap or running around town trying to find all of the free newspapers in the area, wrap fragile items up in towels or clothes. It’ll save you money and help you condense your packing time down. Double the work in half the time!
  • Take some pictures – Ever tried to hook up all of your electronics in exactly the same way in your new place? It’s a pain. Take pictures of where the wires are and how everything is intertwined to make sure that you have a visual representation when you get into your new apartment. It also helps to take pictures right before you move out so that you have evidence in the case that your current landlord or leasing office attempts to say that you did something that you didn’t. Make sure they are dated and have a time stamp, as well.
  • Change your address – You don’t want your bills or holiday cards going to the new tenants in your old apartment. Changing your address will ensure that you get your important mail to your new location. You should change your address about two weeks before you actually move, that way it’ll have time to process through the postal service’s system.
  • Don’t skip the details – A permanent marker and sandwich baggies are your best friends when you’re moving. If you have to take things down with small screws or other small parts, try putting them in sandwich bags and labeling them. Set aside a specifically designated box for this purpose so that you know where all of your little pieces are. It’ll make your move-in to your new apartment more seamless.

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