3 Ways to Avoid Trashing Your Excess Apartment Junk


Is your apartment filled to the brim with junk? Try out these alternatives to trashing it all.

We’re not quite at the point where people are thinking about spring cleaning in full-force, but it’s not too far off, so it’s good to think about ahead of time. Whether you’re making a move to a smaller apartment or just trying to downsize on how much stuff you have packed into your current apartment, it can be tempting to throw away a lot of your belongings. While some items certainly do need to be trashed, sometimes there are better uses for unwanted possessions. Today, we’re looking at three ways you can avoid trashing all of that excess junk you don’t want in your apartment.

1. Donate It

Sometimes, it’s clear that something ought to be donated instead of thrown out. This is often the case with clothes, which we may no longer want because they aren’t the right fit, or you’re just downsizing your wardrobe, or your sense of style has changed. All of these reasons may lead people to throw out clothes that are otherwise perfectly fine. Donating them to someone who needs them instead can be a great way to clear some space out of your apartment without being wasteful.

2. Sell It!

Donating can be a great thing, but sometimes it just makes sense to sell items that you have a heavier investment on and can help cover your rent instead. Mass-produced media items like books or video game-related items are easy to sell yourself on the Internet. There are a number of different websites where you can list your unwanted items and see if someone is willing to pay you for them—a much better option than getting nothing by trashing it.

3. Store It

Finally, you can learn to live with some junk. Whether that means doing a better job at organizing your apartment or finding an off-site storage location, it may just mean you have more than what you’re willing to let go off.

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