3 Ways to Get Your Carpets Clean Again


Make sure you’re keeping your carpets clean with these tips!

Whether you’re concerned about getting the security deposit on your apartment back or just want to restore an old rug, keeping carpets clean isn’t always easy. While you may enjoy the feeling of a soft carpet beneath your feet, they seem to be magnets for hair, stains, and all kinds of other issues that make you wonder whether or not carpeting is even worth it. You shouldn’t worry about that however, as once you’re armed with the right knowledge, keeping carpets clean is actually a breeze. Read on for three tips on making your carpets nice and clean once again.

Don’t Let Stains Sit

We’re starting off with a softball of a tip but it’s something worth talking about nonetheless. Whatever causes a stain should be treated immediately. This means if you spill coffee, wine, or any other liquid, you need to clean it up right away! The real tip comes in how you should clean the stain though. Be sure you’re not rubbing the liquid deeper into your carpet and are, instead, blotting it up. If it isn’t working as effectively as you’d like, you can pour some water onto the stain to help dilute the spot. Blotting the stain rather than rubbing it is a far more effective method of cleaning.

Use a Deodorizer

Struggling to keep your carpet smelling fresh? You can make your own deodorizer complete with your favorite scents! Take 10-20 drops of an essential oil you prefer and mix it with a 16-ounce box of baking soda. Mix everything together until those oils are absorbed and sprinkle the baking soda onto any affected areas. Give it around five minutes to do its magic, vacuum the area clean, and you should have a carpet that smells brand new again. 

Utilize Cleaners

While preventing stains and making everything smell good is a necessity, you’re also going to want to do what you can to give your carpet a deep clean every once in a while. This is essential in preventing allergens from building up or even dust mites. There are plenty of commercial cleaners on the market but you could make your own as well by mixing 3/4ths of a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a fourth cup of white vinegar, two tablespoons of dish soap, a few drops of essential oils, some fabric softener, and a gallon of hot water. That should be enough to get your carpets back into pristine condition! 

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