4 Ways to Improve the WiFi in Your Apartment


If you’re dealing with dodgy internet in your apartment, there are a few simple steps you can take before having to call your provider.

There are few things more frustrating than sitting down to get some work done or enjoy some streaming on Netflix only to find out that your WiFi is slowly chugging along and not giving you the speeds you need. Sometimes we’re forced to up our Internet plans and spend a little more for better speeds, but that’s not always required. In fact, there are four easy tips that can help improve the WiFi in your apartment and give you the speeds you really need.

1. Move Your Router Out of the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a place to put your router, keep it out of the kitchen. This is a common mistake since apartment countertops in kitchens are often some of the most open spaces that people can take advantage of, but many of the appliances in kitchens can disrupt WiFi signals. This is especially the case for microwaves or metal appliances. Look elsewhere for a router location.

2. Don’t Hide Routers

If you want your apartment to look clean and sleek, it might be tempting to hide your router in a cabinet or multimedia center. Just remember that the more barriers you put your router behind, the less effective it is. Keeping it out in the open—and in a central location—creates the perfect WiFi environment. If you really feel hard-pressed to keep your router hidden, try sliding it behind a few picture frames.  

3. Make Sure You’re Protected

If other people in your apartment complex hop onto your network, it can really be a drag on your speeds. Be sure that you have a password (and that it’s a good one!) if you’re starting to experience slow speeds. If you suspect someone has been using your WiFi, make sure to reset your router after changing the password to boot anyone who may be connected off of it.

4. Replace Your Router Entirely

You may not need to upgrade your actual Internet plan but instead just upgrade your hardware. Older routers aren’t built to handle modern speeds and can end up bottlenecking your WiFi pretty badly. Check with your provider and see if you qualify for a new router and, even if you don’t, you may want to purchase your own router rather than using one provided to you.

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