4 Ways to Treat Windows in Your Rental


Struggling to deal with the windows in your rental unit? Try out these tips.

Once you’ve found the perfect rental apartment, it can be exciting but overwhelming to think about how to move in all your stuff in and make it fit. One thing we often forget to think about is the windows. During the day, the light pouring in through the windows doesn’t even catch our notice. But on that first night, it becomes clear that the previous tenants took the window treatments with them. While some of the windows can be left bare if you want (like the kitchen), you need to be able to shut out lights and eyes in other spaces (like your bedroom). Consider these four window treatment solutions to quickly and easily dress the windows in your rental.

1. Drapes

You can find a variety of price, color, and style options for drapes and curtains in most home goods and home improvement retailers. For the most part, they are pretty easy to install, even for a novice, and they come with detailed instructions. You can even plan ahead for future moves by buying long drapes. You can hem them with tape or a quick stitch if you have any sewing skills, so that they fit your windows now, and then you can let them down if you move to a place with taller ceilings. Choose a heavy material that will block the sun in the summer but also keep you warm in the winter.

2. Blinds

Window blinds are a quick and easy go-to for almost any window.  They can be easily raised and lowered to make your window accessible or to provide total privacy. The slats can be adjusted to allow in partial light as needed and they come in a variety of colors and options (including cordless if you’re worried about your kids or pets). The biggest drawback to them is that they tend to accumulate dust super quickly, so they do require upkeep.

3. Cornice Board

Cornice board is a good option for windows that don’t need coverage but do need a little style. It is essentially a fabric covered box that mounts to the wall over the window for visual interest. This is a great option to DIY, if you’re into that.

4. Roman Shade

A roman shade is a smooth fabric shade that looks posh in any space. They block the light and look elegant, and they are actually pretty easy to DIY, even without any sewing experience.

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