5 Tips for Apartment Renters Who Live Alone


Living alone in an apartment should be liberating, not lonely! Keep these benefits of solo living in mind.

For many people, we spend years living with our families, and then with roommates, and then maybe with a significant other—but at some point, many of us will also spend some time living entirely alone. If it’s your first time living by yourself, it can be a big change for a person. Sometimes young people are hesitant to fly solo in their apartment for the first time because there are fears of loneliness or isolation. The truth is, living in an apartment alone can offer you plenty of time to pursue hobbies and learn more about who you are, but if you’re still worried, read on to find out a few tips for any solo apartment renters.

1. Practice Culinary Skills

Cooking alone can actually be somewhat difficult, as many recipes out there are written with multiple people in mind. Taking the time to learn a few recipes, cut down the portions for a single person or just get into meal prepping and having already-made lunches for the week, can be a good way to spend your time when you’re home alone.

2. Find a New Hobby

Having total control over the organization of your home means that you can set things up just how you want. Maybe you’ve been trying to practice your painting forever but haven’t had the space to do so—well, now you live alone! Move some things in the living room around, set up shop, and don’t worry about having to be considerate towards roommates or family members since you have none.

3. Learn to Organize

While not having to tiptoe around other people has its benefits, it can also lend itself to some messiness. Without anyone else to keep you accountable, you may end up leaving dishes out for days on end if you aren’t careful. Keep a cleaning schedule for yourself and stick to it.

4. Take Control of Decorating

Because you don’t have to share your space with anyone else, you don’t need to worry about decorating choices appealing to anyone but you. That means you can get completely unique and personal and decorate however you want.

5. Enjoy Alone Time

Living alone means you can invite guests over when you want and enjoy the solitary of your domain when you don’t. There’s no one to judge you for eating a second slice of pie or sleeping in extra-late on a Sunday, so you can revel in the fact that living alone actually has some pretty big benefits.

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