6 Questions Apartment Renters Should Ask Before Adopting a Pet


Before you think about getting a pet for your apartment, make sure you ask yourself these big questions.

Owning a pet has some obvious appeals, like always having a companion, but getting a pet isn’t an easy decision. For apartment renters, there are some big considerations in place before you can even decide on adopting a furry friend. This is because pets can be a major liability, so it’s important that you do some serious research early on in the process. Taking on a pet means many financial and personal responsibilities will be introduced to your life, so let’s break down six major questions to ask yourself before you adopt a pet into your apartment.

1. What’s Your Apartment’s Pet Policy?

Does your apartment even allow for pets? These policies can vary by a large amount across different kinds of apartment complexes or leasing agents so it’s important to thoroughly check out what policies may be in place. Even if your apartment complex allows for pets, you may need to alert the rental office beforehand just so they have all of the necessary details.

2. Do Any Residents Have Allergies?

If you, your roommate(s), or anyone in your family has allergies, a pet may not be right for you. Pet dander can build up very easily and it becomes difficult to maintain an allergen-free home. It’s not great to force someone to have to hide within their own home because they’re so allergic to your pet, so check with everyone in the household first.

3. Are You Home Often Enough?

Pets require attention! If you’re not actually at your apartment enough, you may not be able to train your pet properly, which becomes especially important if you’re potty training a puppy or kitten. You want to make sure you’re home often enough to spend quality time with your pet and help them get acclimated to their new environment.

4. Do You Have Enough Room?

Just because an apartment complex may approve a specific breed doesn’t mean that you have the right space for that breed. Some dogs, while they may be medium or small in size, have big needs in terms of how much space they need to access. You want to make sure your pet has plenty of space to run around and to fit all of their amenities, like a cat’s litter box.

5. Are You Financially Prepared?

Owning a pet can be costly, particularly if you end up having to go to the vet’s office regularly. Investing in food, toys, and anything else you may need for your pet can start to add up quickly, so you want to make sure you have plenty of wiggle room in your pet-owning budget.

6. Do You Have a Support System?

Sometimes, things come up that mean we need to lean on others to help us with our pets. For example, if you go on vacation, who’s going to feed your pet or let them outside? You should have a good support system of family members and friends who can step in and give you a hand if and when it becomes necessary.

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