Apartment Dinner Party Tips

dinner party

Potluck dinners can be a great way to start conversations between guests who may not know each other.

Maybe this is your first holiday dinner party, or maybe you’re a seasoned dinner party hostess. But the season for holiday dinners and cozy indoor parties is upon us! Don’t let the compact space of your apartment deter you from hosting the best part possible. If you’re looking for some tips to make your next apartment dinner party a success, look no further!

Change the Layout

Make the dining room the focus of your space. Give yourself all the space you and your guests need by moving your dining room table into the largest room in your apartment and centering it in the room. If that means swapping your living room and dining room, do so. Consider creating a small, intimate seating area in the smaller room for people to lounge after dinner. Move unnecessary furniture out of the way by putting it around the edges of the room or by moving it into your bedroom for the evening.

Get Your Lighting in the Mood

Mood lighting is an essential part of a dinner’s atmosphere. You want your apartment to appear welcoming and cozy. That can be difficult to do with fluorescent, overhead lighting. Better suggestions for lighting would be small lamps, tea lights, candles, and string lights. String lights are a versatile option because they can be draped and piled artistically throughout your apartment. They even come in a huge variety of shapes, which means you can customize your lighting for your specific celebration.

Get People Involved

Apartment kitchens are necessarily meant to great grand, seven-course meals. Instead, get your guests involved in the process. Invite them to bring a dish to contribute to the dinner, whether that be their favorite appetizer, dessert, or wine. Potluck dinners can be a great way to start conversations between guests who may not know each other.

Or get your guests to help you with the setup of your apartment! Invite your friends over early for cocktails and have them help you set-up and decorate your apartment for the evening.

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