Apartment Rental Scam Red Flags

Red FlagWhen shopping around for a new apartment the most important thing to be wary of is an apartment rental scam. Scammers prey on tenants because their excitement or lack of time to find the right apartment can blind them to suspicious or shady behavior. The most common apartment rental scam is tricking a person into paying money for a place the scammer does not own, or may not even exist. The Apartments of Wildewood is here with a few red flags to look out for that typically indicates something may not be on the up-and-up.

No Tenant Screening

Any sensible landlord will want a bit of background information on their tenant. Things like why they’re moving, what their credit score is, proof of employment, or criminal records are all common requests from landlords. If a landlord isn’t interested in any of this and is incredibly eager to drop the rent or waive fees, that’s a big scam red flag.

There’s Lots of Upfront Fees or a High Deposit

Check out typical security deposits and application fees for the area. If the landlord is asking for upfront money that’s much higher than what’s typical for the area, that may indicate that they’re looking to take the money and bolt.

You Don’t Need a Lease or a Lawyer

While you don’t need a lawyer to review your lease, and month-to-month rental’s without one are common, if a landlord makes a point of telling you that you don’t need a lawyer, or fails to offer any leasing options at all, that’s a red flag. It’s very likely that they don’t own the property they claim to and don’t even know what a real lease looks like.

Follow Your Gut

In general, listen to your gut instinct. If something feels off, chances are there’s a reason you’re feeling that way. It may not mean that you’re being scammed, but it definitely means you should proceed with caution and carefully examine the potential landlord and property for any signs of fraud. plaukų šalinimas lazeriu Vilniuje nebrangiai http://oblakasalon.lt/lazerine-epiliacija-2

Want a Worry Free Apartment?

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