Choosing the Best Apartment Size for You

apartments of wildewood best apartment size for you

Consider these factors to find the best apartment size for you.

Apartments come in many shapes, sizes, and floor plans. Choosing the best apartment size for you depends on a few factors. You’ll have to consider how much space you use, your monthly budget, the apartment layout and features, how many people and pets will be in the apartment, and how much furniture you own. This apartment size guide will explain the pros and cons of different-sized apartments and give tips for various scenarios. 

An Apartment Size Guide 

The most common apartment sizes are studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. There are also apartments with dens that property managers might describe as “one-or-two-bedroom plus den” or “multi level townhomes.” 

Typically, the more rooms you have, the more expansive the square footage. A studio apartment is anywhere from 350 to 650 square feet, whereas a one-bedroom apartment can range from 550-1,000 square feet. A two-bedroom is typically 1,000 square feet and up, whereas a three-bedroom apartment is at least 1,200 feet and up. 

What to Know About Different Apartment Sizes 

Studio apartments usually have just enough room for a bed, compact living, dining room furniture, a television, and a desk. You can also expect a bathroom, a small kitchen area, and at least one closet. 

A studio apartment works well for anyone who wants to live a minimalist lifestyle on a budget, such as a first-time renter, student, or someone living alone. A studio could even work for a couple that doesn’t need much space. However, the biggest downside to a studio apartment is that you don’t have an enclosed space for your bedroom. Most people in studio apartments create or purchase a wall divider to separate their bedroom from their living space. 

On the other hand, one-bedroom apartments have all the features that a studio does but works perfectly for people who want to keep their bedroom separate from their living space. Two-bedroom apartments allow individuals and couples an extra bedroom for guests, an office, or a craft/hobby room. It can also accommodate additional residents such as children, parents, or a roommate. Three-bedroom apartments are large enough to accommodate a family of six or three roommates, especially if the apartment has at least two bathrooms. 

How Large Should Your Apartment Be?

Here are questions you can ask yourself and tips to follow to pick the best apartment size for you: 

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I want in my apartment? Most people become obsessed over the square footage, and rightfully so. You want to ensure that your apartment is large enough. However, having enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate you or others would be best. 
  • How will you use the space? Some people have that king bed they refuse to downsize or want particular furniture to fit into their apartment. If so, ensure that you choose a floor plan that accommodates this. 
  • Schedule a tour: The only way to understand how small or big an apartment is is to see it up close and personal. A tour will also help you envision your life in your potential new apartment
  • Can you afford this space?: The more extensive your apartment is, the more expensive it will be and the more energy it will burn. Your apartment’s size impacts your utility bills. You also have to consider if you’ll be prepared for specific changes. For example, can you afford it solo if a roommate moves out of your two-bedroom?

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