Eco-Friendly Apartment Living Ideas

Eco-Friendly Apartment Living Ideas

Having an eco-friendly apartment means you’ll spend less on basic amenities. Here are some ways to achieve a more energy-efficient apartment lifestyle.

Having an environmentally-friendly apartment means you’ll spend less on basic amenities. You can grow your food with enough patience, time, and research. Also, eco-friendly apartment living leads to a reduced cost of living because you can conserve energy by reducing electricity waste, conserving water, and using recycled products. Here is how to achieve a greener, energy-efficient apartment lifestyle. 

Turn off the Lights When Not in Use

Lights are one thing that constantly consumes energy. One way to save energy is to turn off the lights when they aren’t in use. It’s also helpful to take advantage of the natural lighting in your apartment. 

Opt for cost-effective LED light bulbs if you add additional lighting to your apartment, such as lamps. LED lights also last longer than standard halogen bulbs and can save money on your electric bill. 

Save Water

Water is not an unlimited resource, as many people believe. The earth consists of 70% of water, but there is a shortage of clean water. The Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) reported that population growth combined with variable weather patterns would lead to uncertain access to drinking water. MDE states that local governments, businesses, individuals, and community organizations should adapt to this by advocating for improved sustainability measures. 

You can conserve water by using it sensibly and not running water while you don’t need it, taking shorter showers, and reporting if there are any broken pipes in the apartment to avoid water waste. Also, it’s best to be mindful of using your in-unit washer and dryer by washing full loads only, using cold water when applicable, cleaning the filter, and using the right amount of detergent. 

Try Green Cleaning Products 

Another way to promote eco-friendly apartment living is to use green cleaning products. It’s always best to research and read the cleaning products’ labels. Some cleaning products might contain harmful chemicals that compromise health and lead to water and air pollution. 

Unplug Your Appliances When Not in Use

Energy.Gov reports that standby power (when electronics are not in use but plugged into an outlet) accounts for five to ten percent of residential energy use and can cost the average household $100 per year. They suggest unplugging your products, using a power strip with switches that will turn all your appliances off with one flip, and buying ENERGY STAR® products. 

Try Indoor Planting

Plants are a nice touch to decorate a private balcony or patio. However, indoor plants are excellent in an apartment because they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, meaning they can absorb harmful chemicals and give off harmful byproducts. 

Try a wall herb garden in different apartment rooms. Plants bring purified air and add color and vibrancy to an apartment. Also, once again, you can attempt to grow some of your food to save money on grocery shopping and ordering food. 

Additional Eco-friendly Apartment Living Tips

  • Recycle
  • Switch from plastic to mason jars to store solid goods
  • Buy eco-friendly toilet paper
  • Use reusable tea bags
  • Try environmentally friendly or zero-waste makeup products. 

There are various techniques for living a greener life. You’ll be happy to know that Apartments of Wildewood provides gas cooking, natural gas heating, and plenty of natural light for residents who desire to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Contact us when you are ready to move into a new, beautiful apartment. 

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