How to Be a Good Neighbor in a St. Mary’s Apartment

good neighborIf you’re a first time apartment dweller, the amount of people living in close proximity may be a lot more than you’re used to. In a typical apartment situation you can have several immediate neighbors on any given side of your apartment. Staying on good terms with these neighbors is crucial to having a successful and easy apartment experience, so Apartments of Wildewood is here with a few tips on how to be a good neighbor in St. Mary’s County.

Don’t Be a Bad Neighbor

It might seem obvious but the most fundamental rule for being a good neighbor in a St. Mary’s apartment is to avoid being a bad one. It’s not always necessary to go out of your way to make friends with everyone in your building, in fact, some people might be alienated by excess attention or fawning. The best neighbors are often not necessarily good friends, they just respect each other’s boundaries and schedules.

Be Polite

You don’t have to be a social butterfly to get along in your St. Mary’s apartment building, but everyone appreciates some common social niceties. If someone says “hello” or asks “How are you doing?” the polite thing to do is return the greeting and maybe ask them the same question. Even simply acknowledging a neighbor with a smile or wave goes a long way towards building trust and a sense of community.

Be Appreciative

If a neighbor does you a favor like watering your plants while you’re away, be sure to show your appreciation with a small thank-you gift, and offer to return the favor. A good neighbor also makes sure to follow through on the offer if at all possible.

Be Tolerant

Odds are that an occasion will arise where you won’t agree with something a neighbor says or does. Barring cases of outright criminal or actively dangerous behavior (which are rare in a nice apartment complex), the best thing to do is ignore it, or politely excuse yourself from the conversation. It’s okay to express disagreement, if someone’s directly speaking to you and/or asking for your opinion, but just remember that these people rarely mean harm, and tensions will only increase with a vitriolic response.

Respect Boundaries

If you do find a neighbor you have a lot in common with, or really like, there’s nothing wrong with cultivating a friendship with them. Friendships between people in the same St. Mary’s apartment building are common and often fruitful. However, a good neighbor will use their best judgment to prevent themselves from hanging around too much. Avoid dropping by frequently unannounced, or quickly treating your neighbor as your best friend. Реклама – Programavimo paslaugos ir mobilios aplikacijos

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