How to Make Your Apartment Warm and Cozy This Winter


It’s official: it’s cold outside! Make sure your apartment is nice and warm for the upcoming holidays with these tips.

Cold weather is starting to really set in, and if you’re anything like us, there are few things more frustrating than coming home out of the cold weather only to find that your apartment isn’t as warm and toasty as you expected. Thankfully, with just a few decor tips, you can ensure that your apartment is the warm, cozy home you’ve always wanted—particularly during the winter. Before the weather really gets cold, try out these decorating tips to keep your apartment at an ideal temperature and make you look forward to coming home after a day in the cold!

Cozy Entertaining Spaces

After walking through the snow to get to your apartment, there’s nothing more relaxing than coming home to a warm couch covered in thick blankets so you can lay down and watch a film. Check around for some plush blankets that are perfect for throwing down on your sofa and adding an extra layer. Keeping even more blankets thrown over the backs of chairs is a great winter aesthetic, as well, and means you have another layer of warmth on hand for when things get really chilly!

Warm Up Your Floors

Let’s face it: no one wants to have to deal with cold floors. Tile in your bathroom or hardwood in your living spaces may have huge benefits year round, but one drawback is that they don’t retain heat very well at all. In your living room and bedrooms, try adding an extra throw rug to keep your feet from freezing. Bathrooms can benefit massively from thicker bath mats which offer you a chance to dry off after a shower without having to worry about freezing cold tiles.

Prevent Drafts

Cold air seeping into your apartment is only inevitable, but there are a few trick you can employ to reduce the effect. Hanging fabrics against your walls can be a great way to add a touch of design to a space, but it also helps in keeping your apartment insulated. You can also hang up thicker wool curtains around windows, which prevents cold air from getting in nearly as much and goes a long way in making your apartment stay nice and toasty this winter.

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