How to Prevent Allergens From Getting Into Your Rental


Keeping allergens out of your rental may be key to having a happy, healthy life.

If you rent an apartment or townhome, you’re already familiar with the struggle of keeping everything clean. This becomes especially problematic during the spring months, where pollen buildup can lead to obnoxious itching and scratching that makes it hard to sit back and enjoy your home. Your apartment or townhome rental should be a place that you can get off your feet and relax, which becomes nearly impossible when your allergies are bad enough. Keep your rental free of allergens with the following tips.

Keep ‘Em Separated

Creating an area within your rental where people can take off their shoes, remove a hoodie, and leave behind some of those allergens is always a good idea. You don’t need a large space for this, either. A simple rubber mat and coat rack can go a long way in keeping debris out of your home. Just remember to remind your guests to take their shoes off as well when they come in, consistency is key to making this strategy work.

Clean Hair

Often times, washing your face before bed is recommended as a skin-care treatment. It’s also great for keeping away pollen and other allergens too though. Hair and skin can suck up allergens and make them last for a long time, so take a few minutes before bed and wash your hair and face to get rid of some of the bigger pockets of allergens.

Try Wet Dusting

Once you realize your allergies are acting up, it may be tempting to whip out the dusting rag and wipe everything down. However, that can actually cause more problems, because all you’re doing is disrupting those allergens and helping them spread through the air. To avoid this, simply make your duster or rag damp first to help the allergens stick instead of flying around your home.

Washing Your Bedding

Your pillows and blankets are a hotbed for allergens. It’s easy for dog hair or pollen to accumulate in your sheets and leave you itching and scratching all night long. Regularly washing your bedding is always advisable, but during allergy season, you may need to do this even more than you otherwise would.

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