A Guide on How to Read Apartment Floor Plans

apartments of wildewood apartment floor plans

Learn how to easily read apartment floor plans to find your best rental space.

When you start apartment hunting and looking through apartment listings, you’ll come across apartment floor plans. Apartment floor plans help you get a feel for the apartment’s size and layout without visiting it in person. 

Floor plans are helpful when you take the time to read them. Some people are visual learners and have no issue visualizing an apartment’s appearance based on a floor plan. However, if reading apartment floor plans doesn’t come easily, you’ll appreciate this guide. 

What are the Types of Apartment Floor Plans? 

Typically, you’ll encounter two types of floor plans: conventional floor plans or 3D. Here are the differences between the two: 

  • Conventional: This plan displays an apartment in two-dimensional form. The symbols and pictures you see will lay completely flat and are usually from a birds-eye perspective that looks down on the apartment from above. 
  • 3D: This plan shows an apartment in a three-dimensional form. A 3D apartment floor plan is much easier to read because it resembles and represents the apartment, comparable to a dollhouse version of the apartment because of the aerial view. 

What are the Floor Plan Symbols? 

You’ll most likely see some symbols if you look at an apartment floor plan. Fortunately, once you understand the basics, understanding the characters will be simple. Here is what they represent: 

  • Outer walls: You’ll see a thick, solid line representing the outermost walls of your apartment, which you’ll share with other residents, a hallway, or the outside of the apartment. 
  • Windows: Windows signify a break in the solid line (denoting outer walls). If there are many windows in one area, the line will begin to look like a dashed line. 
  • Doorways: A doorway will be a quarter circle. These symbols are usually easy to spot because they depict the motion of a door swinging open. The direction of the arc represents which way the door swings open. 
  • Fixtures and Furnishings: Fixtures, such as large appliances, are usually drawn. The drawings won’t be very detailed. However, they are relatively easy to decipher. Fixtures and furnishings will be in their respective rooms. For example, you’ll see a sink or bathtub drawn in the bathroom.
  • Measurements: All apartment floor plans will have measurements in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and dens, letting you know the square footage and room size. 

What Do the Abbreviations in Apartment Floor Plans Mean?

Along with symbols, you might notice a lot of abbreviations while looking at a floor plan. Here is what some of those abbreviations mean. 

  • Bath = Bathroom
  • AC or A/C = Air Conditioner 
  • DW or D/W = Dishwasher 
  • REF = Refrigerator
  • SD or S/D = Smoke Detector 
  • CL or CLOS = Closet
  • WIC = Walk-in Closet 
  • STOR = Storage
  • TLT = Toilet 
  • MECH = Mechanical Room
  • W = Washer
  • D = Dryer
  • WH = Water Heater 
  • LIN = Linen Closet 
  • PAN = Pantry
  • LT or LTG = Light or Lighting 

Consider that abbreviations and symbols might vary in different apartment floor plans. However, these rules generally apply. When in doubt, reach out to a property manager for assistance. 

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