How to Properly Light Your Apartment


The right lighting elements can completely transform the way you use your apartment.

Lighting is an essential part of any home. Finding the right balance of natural light and lights you set up in your room is essential in regulating sleep, helping with productivity, and just making you feel comfortable in your apartment. That said, if you rent your apartment, there are a few things you can try to ensure that your apartment has the lighting you really need.

Pick the Right Lampshades

Lampshades make a big difference in how much light you actually get out of your lamp. It’s pretty simple: lighter lampshades tend to let more light into your room whereas darker shades make the light more localized and will project light above or below the light. You can even choose to forego lampshades all together, especially if you opt for Edison style bulbs where they’re intended to be left exposed.

Use Incandescent Lights

You want your apartment to feel inviting and open, not cold and clinical. To do this, you want to use softer, yellow bulbs, like those found in incandescent lights. This offers that nice, soft light that will make you feel much more at home and can even aid in maintaining a good sleep schedule.

Task Lighting

If you really want to get fancy with lighting, task lighting is a great option for customizing your home. Basic LED lighting strips can be installed under cabinets or within your closet to offer much-needed light in dark spaces. Just try to find the right kinds of LED strips that are removable later on so you’re not stuck with them.

Take Advantage of Floor Lamps

Choosing the right floor lamps can open a room up and make a space look and feel much larger than it actually is. The taller the floor lamp, the more overhead it provides and can really make a space feel larger. This can also be essential in filling in those nooks and crannies so you get complete coverage.

Using Mirrors

If you’ve got the space and ability, putting a mirror directly across from a window can help you maximize your use of natural light. It will help with bouncing that wonderful natural light around and make it feel as though you have more windows in your apartment than you actually do.

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