Signs That Your Apartment Rental in Maryland is a Scam

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Scammers often prey on those looking to move in a hurry, tricking you into paying them a lump sum for an apartment that may not even exist! Be cautious.

When you are in the market for a new apartment, you should always be cautious of apartment rental scammers. If you make it known that you are running very low on time to find an apartment and move in, you might be targeting yourself. Scammers prey on tenants who are eager for a quick solution, in hopes that their scam will be overlooked. In most cases, scammers trick people into shelling out money for an apartment that they don’t actually own. In some cases, the “apartment” they are renting out does not even EXIST! Let The Apartments of Wildewood guide you with a few red flags that might indicate your apartment rental in Maryland, or anywhere else, is a scam. 


No Background Info Required

If you are dealing with poor credit or low income, the prospect of becoming a tenant with no prior screening required can be very tempting – especially if the landlord is easily waiving fees and reducing rent. However, it is a huge red flag. Reasonable (and real) landlords are going to screen tenants for at least some background information – credit score, proof of employment, reason for moving, pets, etc.


Expensive Security Deposit

Security deposits are not cheap, but they should not be outlandish. A security deposit should generally cost about as high as one month’s rent, depending on a few factors. Do research and make sure the security deposit they are requesting is on par with other rentals in the area. Asking for too much money up front is a red flag – they could take everything you have and never speak to you again.


No Lease Required

Most apartment complexes are going to require you to sign a lease agreement of 6 or 12 months. Month-to-month rentals are not totally uncommon, but they aren’t usually offered up front. If you are told that there is no lease agreement, no leasing options, and that you do not need a lawyer or any professional advice to move forward with renting the apartment – DO NOT MOVE FORWARD. This is likely not a professional or real person that you want handling your money.


Trust Your Instincts

Bottom line: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your gut instincts, and do not move forward with any rental agreement that seems even remotely shady or nontraditional.


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