What to Do If You’re a Renter Concerned About Security


As a home renter, your apartment or townhouse may be a safe place for you and your loved ones. Still, you may have some addressable security concerns.

Renting, whether its an apartment or a townhome, is an attractive option for so many reasons—one that stands out, however, is having less responsibilities than a homeowner. When something breaks, you can just let your property manager know and it’ll get fixed in a timely fashion. That said, while apartments and townhomes are certainly a safe place to raise a family, we all get a little worried about security sometimes. As a renter, there are a few ways you can try to make your home safer for yourself and your family.

Invest in a Safe

Even small, handheld safes are a great way to keep things from getting lost or misplaced. It’s a fantastic little spot for your birth certificate or social security card and you’ll definitely sleep better at night knowing that you don’t have to worry about your important documents going missing. This is a simple way to add a little security buffer if you’re really worried about anything going missing.

Buy a Wireless Alarm System

These are ideal for apartment or townhouse renter use because they are easy to install and can be easily moved between homes. Most wireless alarm systems have motion-sensitive sensors that trigger a loud noise. This is a cost-effective way of adding a little extra protection to your apartment if security is a real concern for you. Let your landlord or property manager know, though, because if you ever have maintenance done while you’re away, the maintenance employees will need the code.

Get Renter’s Insurance!

While burglaries may be unlikely in your neighborhood, you never really know what could happen. All of these steps will improve your security but you always run the risk of someone breaking and entering your home. This is why renter’s insurance is around, as it can compensate you for any valuables that are stolen. Plus, it’s useful for other tragedies such as fires, flooding, or other natural disasters that may damage your possessions.

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