Cut Down On Apartment Clutter Over The Holidays

Apartment Holiday ClutterWhile the holiday season can be a time of joy and cheer, it can also be a time of stress and clutter, particularly for those living in apartments. Gift-wrapping supplies like bows, tape, and boxes can take over your living room, and holiday decorations that work for a full-sized home, might take up a lot of room in an apartment. The Apartments of Wildewood are here with a few tips on reducing the amount of mess your apartment might see this holiday season.

Give (And Try to Receive) Consumable Gifts

Unless your gift recipient is someone who you know just won’t appreciate a consumable gift, try to give and ask for consumable products like food or candy. These make for great gifts that, because of their temporary nature, won’t take up space in your apartment or someone else’s and can save your recipient a trip to the store.

Give Digital Cards a Try

While physical cards are a lovely way of sending a holiday message, they take up space, waste paper, and generally contribute to apartment clutter. Try sending digital cards this season. While you still might receive a glut of physical cards, your efforts will save others space and may inspire them to emulate you in the future.

Recycle Wrapping Paper

While wrapping paper companies are always coming out with new and festive ideas for their products, it’s ultimately not necessary to waste the money, paper, or apartment space by buying new rolls of the stuff every year. Stretch your creativity and use unconventional paper products, or revamp the scraps of wrapping paper you already own, to create recycled wrapping paper that’s one-of-a-kind.

Get Into the Season of Giving

Try making it a policy to donate one similar household possession for every one you receive. Not only is this a great way to prevent unneeded items from cluttering up your apartment, you could make someone else’s holiday season by providing them with a free or low-cost gift that they couldn’t normally afford.

Find Your Perfect, Clutter-Free Apartment This Holiday Season

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