Decorate Your St. Mary’s Apartment to Maximize Space

Maximize SpaceAt the Apartments at Wildewood, we offer spacious, fairly open floor plans in St. Mary’s County because we know how important it is to be able to spread out and utilize space. It is easy to begin to feel claustrophobic in your own home if you don’t use the space that you have properly; this is the case whether you live in a 1200 square foot apartment or a 12,000 square foot home. It is important to know how to make your apartment feel as spacious as you can make it, while still allowing it to feel “homey.” Check out these expert tips for improving your living space!

  • Let there be light! – Make use of the light in your space. Natural light is the best, but it’s always good to have extra lighting fixtures for the evening and cloudy days. During the day, having your blinds open or using curtains that let the light through will help brighten and expand your space. Make good use of your windows and balcony.
  • Avoid dark furniture – This seems like a no brainer after the light comment, but it’s important to stick to lighter colored furniture. When you start using blacks, forest greens, and chocolates, you begin to make the space feel more closed off. Go for cream, glass, white, or bright furniture!
  • Be a minimalist – We all have stuff that we can part with. Generally it’s that thing that’s been sitting in the corner, taking up space for the last two years that you keep saying “I might need that someday” about. Trust us on this: donate it. If you can handle donating some of your stuff to a charity, it’ll make you feel great and help you open up your space at the same time. If you need some extra cash, borrow a friend’s house and have a yard sale!
  • Use long drapes – Don’t use HEAVY, dark drapes, just use long ones. If they’re floaty and long, they’ll give the appearane that the room is actually bigger and taller than it is.
  • Create space – There are many, many pieces of space saving furniture out there these days. Turn your coffee table or ottoman into a storage space; DIY it if that’s your thing. There are all kinds of options for creating more space in your apartment. You just have to look for them!

Check out our large floor plans at the Apartments at Wildewood and get ready to decorate your apartment to make it feel even bigger and more amazing! We can’t wait to meet you at St. Mary’s most coveted address!  Come visit, check out our website, or give us a call at 301.737.0737 to find out why!

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Source: 5 Essential Space Saving Design Tips for Apartments

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