Maximizing Your Wildewood Kitchen Space

wildewood kitchenThe kitchens in our units are pretty good size, but no matter what size your kitchen is, there never seems to be enough space for everything. The hardest things to find space for are sometimes the most important. Pots, pans, and utensils can very easily get in the way if they aren’t stored properly. However, they also need to be easy to get to. In order to do this, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Getting creative in the kitchen is about more than just cooking – it’s about using the space that you have to your best advantage. We’ve got some tips on how to best utilize your kitchen space!

Use your wall space – Talk to the leasing office before hanging anything that may put holes in the wall to okay it first. Sometimes you can find solutions for hanging things up that don’t require any type of holes or drilling. These are usually your best bets. Think of all of the things that you can use your walls to hang: pots, pans, measuring cups, coffee cups, and more. This will save you valuable cabinet and counter space that you need for glasses and plates, which are hard to put elsewhere.

Use a lazy Susan – These are great to use for spices or Tupperware. They can also be useful in the refrigerator, since they make getting to older food easier. You’ll be able to store more and get to it more easily so things go bad less often. That can be really useful for the condiments that you don’t pull out of the fridge on a regular basis.

Get some wheels – A mobile tray or something similar will help you to maximize space and give you a way to easily access things all over the kitchen. Since you can move it around, you can ensure that it’s not in your way, but that things are still easy to get to if you need them. A tiered tray will double as extra counter space, too. Along these lines, being able to move your chairs and tables in a simple way is also useful. Consider getting chairs that slide under your table or bar space so you can make a little extra room for guests that way.

Creating a practical kitchen can be difficult sometimes, but with a few space saving techniques you can make a kitchen easy to use and give it a good aesthetic appeal as well. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be huge to be practical and easy to use. For more information about maximizing kitchen space, or to set up an appointment to check out an apartment rental from Apartments At Wildewood, call us at 301.737.0737or visit the website!  For more about renting with Wildewood, check out our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.



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