Space Saving Techniques for Small Apartments

Small Apartments

These simple space saving techniques will help you maximize the room in small apartments.

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean sacrificing the things that you want and need to fill your space. If you invest in a few clever space saving techniques, you won’t need to worry about bumping into your bed on the way to the kitchen or tripping over clutter when you get home. Here are some of our best space saving techniques for small apartments.

Mount Your Nightstand

Wall-mounted nightstands are a simple way to dramatically increase the visual space in your bedroom. The open space beneath the nightstand will help to make the space look bigger than it is, and you can also use that space for practical purposes and store your slippers or books underneath when they aren’t in use. To save even more space in your bedroom, mount your bedside lamp on the wall as well.

Hang Your Shelves High

One innovative storage solution is mounting shelves very high on the walls. They won’t be very noticeable and will give you a great deal of storage. You can use these shelves to run the entire length of the walls in certain rooms without losing any square footage on your flooring. This can make the room look slightly smaller visually, but if you can keep the shelves neat and tidy it won’t detract from your room.

Combine Your Desk and a Shelf

If you don’t need much work space or have the room for a full home office, consider mounting a wall shelf lower on the wall and use it as a desk. This is a simple way to make your furniture into storage and your storage into furniture. While this isn’t a portable way to work, if you only have a small amount of space to work with, it can be a very practical solution.

Keep It Simple

Finally, make sure that you keep the color palette in your small apartment simple. If you use too many bright colors or hang too many things on the wall, it will clutter up your apartment and make it feel small and claustrophobic.

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