Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Clutter Free


Keeping your apartment clutter free may not be as hard as you think.

As an apartment renter, you may find yourself struggling with the limited space but unable to afford upgrading to a luxurious townhouse. Instead, your apartment ends up feeling a bit cluttered, cramped, and even chaotic. The good news is it’s not too hard to clean that clutter up and reclaim your space. Here are some tips from us at the Apartments of Wildewood.

Using Storage Right

It’s important to think about how you actually use storage. For example, if you travel often, you likely own more than a few suitcases. Instead of leaving them empty year-round and letting them waste space, use them to store your clothing during off seasons. Keep your winter clothes packed away in a suitcase until you really need them and you’ll find yourself with much more storage than you would have if you stored those things separately!

Relieving Clutter

If you simply have too much stuff, try donating it to friends, family members, or charity organizations. This is a good way to make your space much more open and usable while also doing some good by giving to those who really need it. The first step is to assess your closet, see what you don’t need, and box it all up. From this point on, it’ll be much easier to let everything go. Once you’ve done that, try moving onto things other than clothes in your apartment and seeing what you can get rid of overall.

Clutter Free, the Smart Way

Being clutter free is all about smart planning. Instead of having a coat rack that takes up space, consider getting one that hangs on a door. Similarly, if you find yourself using lots of sticky notes and notepads to keep track of everything, try using a dry erase board to keep track of all your thoughts so it’s easily erasable once you don’t need it anymore. Being clutter free is all about thinking ahead and organizing your apartment the way you need it to be.

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