How to Enjoy the Football Season With The Apartments of Wildewood


Your townhouse may be the perfect place for a football party, but apartment renters can utilize our clubhouse!

Football season is nearly upon us–and that means enjoying it in the perfect way. If you’ve taken advantage of one of our spacious townhomes, there’s no reason to limit yourself in terms of what home theater system you opt for. Getting to every game would just be impossible, but the good news is if you want to feel like you’re really there, a quality home theater system will help you stay immersed and just as excited for the game as ever. While an apartment may not be as conducive to an extravagant home theater system, you can still enjoy the game at our clubhouse! Here are some tips to enjoy the football season the right way with us at The Apartments of Wildewood.

The Right Screen

What’s the right television for your townhouse? The best TVs on the market right now are OLEDs–or organic light emitting diodes. These TVs have no instant refresh rate, so you’ll notice less blur when your favorite running back heads down the field. That said, OLEDs are still a new technology and will cost you a pretty penny. What you really want to look for in the perfect football TV is a higher refresh rate, because the quicker it can cycle through frames, the smoother your game will look. Reproduction of the color green is essential also, as some televisions on the market can make the field look unnaturally bright.

Perfect Sound

You’ll want the best sound system for your apartment or townhouse, and this really depends on what your situation is. For townhouse renters, you may be interested in purchasing a high-quality receiver and an entire speaker set. This can be more pricey than a soundbar but will offer you the perfect sound for the big game. Soundbars are a great option as well though and require far less parts and can be pretty affordable.

Renting Out the Clubhouse For Your Own Football Party!

If you live in one of our apartments, you may not be able to host your own football party at your place–instead, take advantage of our community clubhouse. You’ll be able to watch the game in luxury and invite all of your friends for your own football viewing party.

The Apartments of Wildewood have a friendly community that’s waiting to welcome you!

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