How to Be Good Townhouse Neighbor


Townhouse living is great and will give you some extra space, but it’s important to be a good neighbor.

If you’re moving into your new townhouse, you’re preparing for an exciting change in your life. You may be gearing up for your newly expanded space and all the benefits that come with owning a townhouse. There’s no doubt that your new home will be as magical as you imagined it, however, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain aspects of townhome living you’ll need to adjust to. One of those changes will be learning to be a good neighbor. Here are some tips from us here at Apartments of Wildewood.

What Good Neighbors Do

The primary way you can be a good neighbor is by thinking about what you would want in your neighbor and then embodying those attributes. For example, you certainly wouldn’t want a neighbor who leaves a mess around that could attract pests, so you shouldn’t do that to your neighbors. Here are some more tips for how you can be a good townhouse neighbor:

  • Remember which walls are shared walls. You’ll want to avoid making too much noise in these rooms as it will be bothersome to your neighbors. Your new home may make you feel like you’re all by yourself, but remember that your townhouse is adjacent to another home!
  • Let your presence be known! When you move in, it’s a wise idea to pop by your neighbor’s house and say hello. You don’t have to be the best of friends with all of your neighbors, but it is a good idea to be on a first name basis in case anything were to ever happen.
  • Treat every situation with respect and understanding. Your neighbor may make some mistakes sometimes, but even if they’re loud at 2 in the morning, you don’t want to march over there and start a shouting match. Talk things out reasonably and your townhouse experience will be much more enjoyable.

What Bad Neighbors Do

Unfortunately, sometimes bad neighbors don’t even realize they’re being bad neighbors. These are easy mistakes to make but with some mindfulness, you’ll never find yourself acting like a bad neighbor!


  • Letting your trash sit. Make sure you don’t let your trash pile up, as your neighbors will definitely start to notice. It can even attract pests like rats, ants, or cockroaches. Keep your home–and the area surrounding it–clean of any and all garbage.
  • Disrespecting your neighbor’s space. It’s important that you make sure your pets or children don’t end up in your neighbor’s yard, as that isn’t respectful behavior. Play best gun game at gun games website.


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