How to Bring the Beach into Your Townhouse Apartment

How to Bring the Beach into Your Townhouse Apartment

As a townhouse apartment renter, you might be wondering how you can bring the shoreline to your own apartment space.

We’re in the thick of the summer, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the time to make a beach trip. As a townhouse apartment renter, you might be wondering how you can bring the shoreline to your own apartment space. Staying at a beach house might inspire you with design ideas that seem challenging to recreate in your own apartment space. The Apartments of Wildewood is located close to the shore right here in St. Mary’s County. Having a beach-themed apartment could match perfectly with the areas surrounding here. Read on for a couple of tricks and tips that will help you bring the beach back home.

It is All About Colors

Whatever color scheme you pick will be one of the biggest factors in keeping your apartment feel beachy. Use a lot of crisp light tan and white colors to recreate the sandy beach shore experience. Wicker furniture is ideal too. Any wood you decide to include should be weathered to help give it the appearance of driftwood. Also, throw in a few splashes of turquoise or blue. It should not overwhelm the appearance of the room, but it can help remind you of sprinkling summer waters.

Beachy Decorations and Pieces

Bowls filled up with seashells, paintings of the beach, and boat figurines are fantastic decoration ideas for any beach theme. Incorporate the driftwood wherever you can too! It could be a lampstand, side tables, an accent piece on your shelf, or anything else! Wicker should try to be incorporated into a lot of your furniture, but it can also be used as flower vases and floor coverings. Just remember, decorate like you are dressing up a beach house. You may even want to spend time around Ocean City looking for a couple of inspirational items to use.

Distressed is The Best

When in doubt, anything distressed will remind you of the beach. Think of chipped-off white mirror frames or worn-down wickers. It should look like it has been sitting in the sand for quite some time. And do not forget to stay calm once it comes to your curtains. You should not tear up any torn fabrics, but sheer whites and flowing cotton will give the best effort for this look. Make sure what you use can move in the cool summer breeze in your townhouse apartment.

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