How Can You Make a Small Apartment Feel Larger?


Does your apartment feel too small for you? There are a few ways to make the space feel larger.

The lack of space in your apartment may make you want to look into a townhouse, but for those who are really settled into their smaller apartments but feel they need more space, there’s still some hope. After all, with just a few creative decisions, you can really open up the space. Worry not small apartment renters! We’re here to help you turn your cluttered feeling home into your cozy dream apartment.

Arranging Furniture

The longest line in a room is the diagonal, meaning that this gives you some of the most space to work with. Basically, angling your furniture isn’t a bad thing. Larger pieces of furniture often make the most sense placed against a wall still, but try moving things around to see if anything works at an angle. Bulkier, tall pieces of furniture can really make a space feel cramped. Try to take advantage of shorter pieces of furniture. Always leave adequate walking space as well, otherwise you’ll begin to feel like you’re in a small space very quickly.

Hide Clutter

Wherever you can, you want to gain space, not lose it. That can be a big problem for people who have lots of clutter. Try using multifunctional storage pieces in your living room that give you an area to keep something tucked away but serve another purpose. Your TV console can be packed with storage or you may have a bench that has some storage beneath it. Either way, you want to be thinking about how you can give yourself as much storage as possible.

Making Rooms Flow

If each room feels like it’s too distinct, it makes a home feel more like a cabin than a modern living space. Instead, try having each room flow into one another. This can be done by carrying over color schemes so everything looks cohesive and lends a feeling that each room is part of something larger. Be consistent with art, furniture, and even mirrors as well.

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