5 Steps for Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner in Your Apartment


Trying to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment? Give these tips a shot and see how it goes!

Thanksgiving is just about upon us which is fantastic news for those of us who like to kick back with some family members, catch up on each other’s lives, and enjoy some great food along the way. However, there’s also a good amount of stress that can come with prepping for the holiday, especially if you feel constrained by a smaller apartment space. With the right planning and the right guest list, there’s really nothing to worry about. Try sticking to these five steps to plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment this holiday season.

1. Plan It Out

If you leave every decision until last minute, you’ll find yourself more stressed than you need to be. Put together a list of what kinds of food you want to cook so you can figure out a solid shopping list and make sure you get everything you want. Take inventory and double check that you have all the plates, utensils, chairs, etc. that are important to have on hand.

2. Ready Your Apartment

Take some time to rearrange furniture and make sure all your walkways are clear. If you’re hosting dinner in a small space, try to move some things out temporarily to open up the room. Take the time to clean your fridge out and do some clutter reduction in your kitchen so things move smoothly when you need to cook.

3. Get Ready For Dinner

Speaking of when you need to cook, it’s always wise to do as much prep work as you can. If you’re making turkey, just remember that it will end up using your oven for just about the whole day, so if you have any other dishes that need to be made in the oven, it’s good to make them beforehand and then just reheat them. Alternatively, make dishes that can be made entirely on the stovetop.

4. Clean in Increments

Instead of taking on all the cleaning at once, try to clean as you go. When you put down decorations, pick up some trash. When you’re cooking and spill something, clean it up right away. By taking things as they come, you get far less overwhelmed.

5. Final Touches

Add a bit of flair to your apartment to make it stand out! Simply by putting down a centerpiece, adding a wreath to your front door, or lighting a few decorative candles, you can really create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner party.

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