Is Your Apartment Ready for Autumn?

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November is fast-approaching, which means it’s no longer time to wait for the cold weather to arrive!

Now that Autumn is in full-swing, we’re starting to see colder days, and the lingering warm temperatures of Summer are starting to fade.  November is fast-approaching, which means it’s no longer time to wait for the cold weather to arrive!  If you’ve waited until now to start preparing your apartment for Autumn, that’s okay–we’re here to provide you with a few tips that will help you transition through seasons.  Read on to get yourself ready for Fall!

1. Change your throw pillows and blankets.

It can make a world of difference for the feel of your apartment.  No more bright colors, or citrus patterns–it’s time to break out the warmer tones and the plaid.  Darker reds and oranges, coupled with brown tones, are a great way to usher in the new season.

2. Check your heat.

If you need to put in a maintenance report, you want to do so sooner, rather than when it gets too cold.  Having to go for any period of time without heat during harsh, bitterly cold nights is never a good thing.  Ensure your heater is working in the next few weeks, making sure to check your energy bill for any discrepancies.  

3. Prepare your closets.

Soon, bulky coats and snow boots are going to be at the forefront of your storage areas.  Is your entryway closet prepared for that much material?  Is your bedroom closet still littered with Summer clothes and sandals?  Do your seasonal transition, and put away the Summer clothes in favor of your Winter ones.

4. Utilize your storage unit. Among those in attendance were several recruits including Miles Brooks. how to get fake id fl A Florida high school student who triggered an international discussion on whether women should have to wear

After you’ve gotten all those seasonal Summer items boxed up and ready to store, take them to your storage unit and do a quick switch.  A storage unit is a great, safe way to keep all of your Summer items in one place until next year!

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