Getting the Very Most out of Your Apartment Kitchen

Getting the Very Most out of Your Apartment Kitchen

Smaller kitchens can be difficult to get used to, especially those with limited space on their counters.

Apartment rentals are known to have much smaller kitchens than homes, even if you live in a townhouse apartment complex. Smaller kitchens can be difficult to get used to, especially those with limited space on their counters. This does not mean you can’t get the most out of your apartment kitchen. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your apartment’s kitchen to maximize the space!

Add Some Shelves to Cabinets

If your kitchen comes with taller cabinets with only one shelf, then add your own shelves to use the extra vertical space! Renters do not have the option to reconstruct their cabinets. Still, there are many shelves on the market that are relatively easy to add without causing any damages to the existing cabinets. Make sure that you find durable shelves to ensure your items and secure and safe. If you need even more space, you might be able to store items on the inside of these cabinet doors. Once again, this does not harm the cabinets, as you can mount smaller shelves or use command hooks to hang up pot lids without any tools.

Over-The-Sink Cutting Boards

Limited counter space is a very common complaint in smaller apartment kitchens, and renters have issues finding space for proper cooking prep work. If you are a bit short on counter space, try using an over-the-sink cutting board for decent meal prepping. This trick will help you with the hassle of clearing off your counters while making clean up much easier.

Rolling Carts

If you need more space for all of your kitchen appliances, consider buying a rolling cart. These come in all shapes, sizes, and forms at a wide range, so you could find the ideal cart size that fits your kitchen and your budget too. Even if you do not have space to leave the cart out at all times, store it underneath your counter or in another storage room for items you do not use every single day.

Ceiling Pot Racks

Are you out of cabinet space but have a lot of space above your cabinets? Consider a hanging pot rack for your ceiling. This will allow you to keep pots and pans out of the way until you need them, all while creating a nice decoration and conversation piece for your neighbors or roommates to notice.

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