How to Host Family and Friends in Your Apartment

apartments of wildewood host family and friends

Remember these tips to prepare for when you host family and friends this season.

As we head into autumn and winter, we also head into the busy holiday season. This is the time when people love to travel to spend time together and share new memories during their favorite holidays. If you want to host family and friends in your apartment, there are easy ways to do so without increasing your holiday stress. No matter the size of your Apartments of Wildewood home, you can comfortably host your loved ones overnight during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and more. Just remember these tips for creating a comfortable stay for your guests. 

Tidy Up

The first step to prepare for overnight guests is a good cleaning and decluttering session. It is especially important to clean the living room and bathroom that you will share with your guests. Now’s the time to throw out old junk mail or magazines cluttering your tables, put away old shoes or clothes, and wipe down all surfaces. Use your vacuum to refresh the floors and fluff those pillows!

Clear Some Space

As you prepare to host family and friends in your apartment, take the time to rearrange your furniture to create some more space. Move items against a wall or to one side of your living room to make space for more entertaining and socializing and make room for your guests’ sleeping arrangements or luggage. Make sure you have empty hangers in the nearest closet for clothes or jackets for your guests, and ensure space in your bathroom for your guests’ toiletries. 

Create a Makeshift Bed

Some of your friends may be fine with crashing on the couch for a night, but most guests will appreciate a makeshift bed. Air mattresses are a great alternative to the real thing and can be positioned against a sofa for a makeshift headboard. No matter where your guests sleep, include clean sheets and a few cozy blankets and pillows to help your guests sleep comfortably. 

Make Your Home Sleep-Friendly 

A few thoughtful touches can always make the experience more comfortable. For instance, you may position the air mattress or couch near a lamp or light switch so guests can easily access a light source. Use blackout curtains on your windows, and offer your guests a white noise machine, a fan, an eye mask, or earplugs to help them sleep soundly in an unfamiliar setting. 

Stock Your Bathroom and Kitchen 

Make sure your guests have everything they will need during their stay. Stock up on travel-sized toiletries, extra toothbrushes, clean and folded towels and washcloths, and maybe even slippers for your bathroom. Make sure you have lots of quick and easy snacks and meals in your kitchen. Stock up on easy pre-made breakfast items like granola and yogurt, bagels and cream cheese, or pastries and fruit. Stock your fridge with lots of drink options, and make sure you have all tea and coffee supplies ready each morning. When you prepare before you host family and friends in your apartment, you will greatly impress your loved ones. 

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